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RV/Motorhome Insurance

Motor-Home-RVWho needs the hassle of organizing flights, rental cars, and hotel rooms? You’ve got an RV which means  you can just pick up and go! Lucky for you W. A. George Insurance offers specialized RV insurance to go along with you. RVers  encounter situations that are unique to life on the road.

So with that in mind, W. A. George Insurance offers an enhanced Motorized RV insurance coverage that include:

  • Total Loss Replacement-provides you with a new, comparably-equipped RV
  • If your RV is totaled
  • Replacement Cost Personal Effects-pays for the replacement of your personal
  • Items in your RV that resulted from a covered loss
  • Vacation liability, emergency expense coverage and much more

Call or go online for a quote from W. A. George Insurance.

No matter what kind of RV you own—motor home, trailer, or camper—knowing you're covered by W.A George Insurance should give you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your journey.

Policy Features

An RV is your home when you're away from home. Therefore, when choosing an RV insurance policy, you'll want to consider coverage that protects you and your guests while traveling as well as coverage that protects your vehicle when it is parked or stored.

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