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Alarm Installation & Monitoring Insurance

alarm system installer

If you’re in the Alarm Business, W.A. George Insurance Agency can help obtain the right insurance.

Most alarm systems are found in electronic form today. Sensors are connected to a control unit via either a low-voltage hard wire or narrowband RF signal, which is used to interact with a response device.  The most common security sensors indicate the opening of a door or window or detect motion via passive infrared (PIR).

In new construction, systems are predominately hard wired for economy, while in retrofits, wireless systems may be more economical and certainly quicker to install.

Some systems are dedicated to one mission; others handle fire, intrusion, and safety alarms simultaneously. Sophistication ranges from small, self-contained noisemakers, to complicated, multizone systems with color-coded computer monitor inputs.

Many of these concepts also apply to portable alarms for protecting cars, trucks or other vehicles and their contents (ie., “car alarms”).

It’s hard to predict when disaster may hit your business, and it’s crucial that your operation be fully protected by a good insurance company and insurance broker.

W.A. George Insurance Agency understands your business and your insurance needs.

Whether it’s sales or service, monitoring or installation, commercial or residential, safety equipment or fire suppression contractors, your key roles are supervision and equipment.

W.A. George Insurance Agency, We offer General Liability, Professional Liability, Worker’s Compensation, Automobile Liability and Umbrella/Excess Liability.

Some Features of our Liability Policy

General Liability
Provides indemnity for Personal Injury/Accidental Bodily Injury (other than employee) or Damage to Property arising during the course of your companies business.

Products Liability
Coverage is provided for Liability relating to Accidental Bodily Injury to any person (other than employee) and/or Loss or Damage to Property caused by any product or equipment sold, supplied, Repaired, serviced, installed or manufactured by your company.

Contractual Liability
This insurance provides indemnity for your Legal Liability arising out of the failure to carry out the duties which you have contracted to perform.

General Liability Limits start at $300,000.

Financial Insurance