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Non-Profit Insurance

non profit charity insuranceNew and existing non-profits need robust insurance coverage like any other business. Organizations that need this type of insurance are:

  • mental health organizations
  • substance abuse rehabilitation facilities
  • medical equipment dealers
  • homeless/battered shelters
  • youth services and more...

Not for profits have all the needs of corporations but it's even more important to cover their employees with workers comp, health & dental as well as life insurance.

Non-profits have unique insurance needs as well. Director and officer insurance would be an example of coverage exclusive to nonprofits and charities.

Contact W.A. George Insurance today beacuse they understand what non-profit organizations & charities insurance needs are.

W. A. George provides insurance for non-profit organizations and charities with the following coverage options:

Types of Coverage             Limit per Occurrence

The policy coverages are:

Propery liability                                   Available
Automobile coverage                         Available
General liability                                 $2,000,000

Products liability                                $2,000,000

Personal & advertising injury            $1,000,000

Each occurrence                               $1,000,000

Crime                                                  Available

Umbrella                                             Available

Directors & officers                             Available

Professional liability                            Available

Employment practices                        Available

Cyber liability                                      Available

Employee benefits liability                  Available


W.A. George provides Non-Profit Insurance coverage to the following organizations:

Adult Services

Adult & Family Services

  • GED Programs
  • Job Training Programs
  • Vo-Tech Facilities
  • Community Education Facilities

Counseling Services

  • Family Counseling
  • Homeless Prevention
  • Financial & Mortgage Counseling
  • Domestic Abuse Services
  • Rape Crisis Facilities
  •  Crisis Intervention & Family Assistance  Programs

Senior Services

  • Hospice
  • Senior Citizen Centers
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Home Care Assistance
  • Councils on Aging
  • Adult Education, Wellness & Physical Fitness

Community Service, Involvement & Improvement Organizations

  • Junior League, National Charity League, Junior Auxiliaries, Others
  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Beautification & Horticultural Programs, Botanic Gardens 
  • Local Unaffiliated Organizations


  • Fund Raising Organizations
  • United Way & Similar Organizations

 Pregnancy Help Centers

  • Education Outreach for Young Men & Women
  • Education & Distribution of Birth Control Methods
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Referrals/Counseling for Pregnancy & Related Complications
  • Health Assessments, Including Medical History
  • Urine Tests
  • Ultrasound to confirm Pregnancy

Special Needs

Handicapped/ARC/MRDD/Group Homes

  • Sheltered Workshops
  • Work Activities
  • Supported Living Respite Care
  • Job or Vocational Training

Residential Treatment Centers/Group Homes

  • Treatment Foster Care
  • Therapeutic Foster Care
  • Foster Family Based Treatment
  • Emotionally Disturbed Children/Adolescents
  • Autistic, Down Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy
  • Mentally Retarded/Developmentally Disabled Individuals

Community Action Agencies

Community Centers

  • Information/Education/Referral Offices
  • Food Banks/Commodity Distribution
  • Thrift Stores
  • Weatherization Programs
  • Battered Women’s Shelters
  • Rape Crisis
  • Halfway Houses
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Goodwill, Volunteers of America
  • Transportation – Transportation Service to Low Income & Elderly Population 

Trade Contractor Insurance

contractor-insuranceW. A. George has construction industry insights regarding innovative products and services to help commercial trade contractors address their unique exposures.

  • Concrete Contractors
  • Carpentry Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Plumbing Contractors

W. A. George we can help you manage and mitigate risks such as workforce injuries, quality assurance and quality control and fleet management.

General liability insurance

  • General liability gives your construction business and your employees security. With this coverage, you can carry out daily work knowing you and your employees are protected from uncertainty. General liability protects your business against claims brought against the company as a whole, as well as claims brought against individual employed by the Company.

  • For a contractor or construction worker, general liability insurance offers peace of mind that their contracting or construction business will have the necessary funds to continue daily operations-even when faced with a costly claim.

Covers the legal fees that can easily bankrupt a small contracting or construction business such cost as attorney fees, witness fees, court expense and more. After a lawsuit, GENERAL LIABILITY FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKERS AND CONTRACTORS can be the difference between never opening the business doors again and weathering the storm still on your feet.

Added Value Contractor’s Faulty Workmanship Coverage

Contractor’s Faulty Workmanship Coverage is a unique endorsement offered by W.A. George Insurance Agency Contractor’s General Liability programs. It provides a $10,000 limit to protect our clients against arising out of faulty workmanship, materials or products. These claims would otherwise be excluded by exclusions, J (Damage to Property), K (Damage to Product) and L (Damage to Your Work), found in other contractor general liability policies.  Obtain coverage for such claims by insuring with W.A. George Insurance Agency.

Actual Covered Claims Examples

99215 Driveway, Parking Area or Sidewalk

A driveway/sidewalk paving contractor was hired to cover a parking lot with asphalt. Two months after the installation of the parking lot, the client alleged that the original installation was not sticking, and it appeared that the surface was crumbling. The unsatisfied client filed a claim. Although the claim would have been denied under the ISO general liability “business risk” exclusion, the insured had the Faulty Workmanship endorsement as part of his policy. The endorsement provided $10,000 for the claim.

94569 Floor Covering Installation

A floor covering and tile/stone installation contractor was hired to install carpet in a residence. A claim was filed alleging the carpet installation was poorly done. The customer claimed there were multiple seam issues, the Berber was not lined up and the carpet frayed at all transitions. The insured was billed and paid $2,247.11 for the removal and replacement of the carpet. Because the contractor’s W.A. George policy had the Faulty Workmanship endorsement, the carrier reimbursed the insured.

92478 Electrical – Within Buildings

Keith, a licensed electrical contractor, was hired to install security cameras. The cameras were installed incorrectly. Water got into the cameras causing damage. The contractor’s Faulty Workmanship endorsement paid $10,000 for the damages caused by the fault/installation. If the contractor did not have the Faulty Workmanship endorsement, he would have been
responsible for the entire $10,000 in damages.

Day Care Center Insurance

day-care-insuranceW. A. George has programs designed to entertain both profit and non-profit operations providing early childhood education including corporate childcare centers. The program include general liability, professional liability, property, automobile, student accident, abuse umbrella.

Day Care Insurance Plan Details

Property coverage
Business income on an ALS basis
Ordinance or law
Money & securities
Employee theft
Equipment breakdown
General liability coverage
Automatic additional insured status
Corporal punishment
Medical payments for children available
Teachers professional liability
Separate abuse limits

Day Care Check List

Use the following list to ensure your day care adheres to basic safety guidelines

  1. Check the lighting in your center
  2. Floor clutter/cleanliness
  3. All cords are out of reach of children
  4. Hot water temperature limited (not too hot)
  5. Electric outlets are plugged
  6. Make staff aware of finger pinch hazards
  7. Windows tempered shatter proof glass
  8. Furniture secured from tipping
  9. Childproof cabinet doors
  10. Bathroom monitoring policies in place
  11. Attics adequate ventilation to prevent heat buildup
  12. Adequate insulation to prevent freezing pipes
  13. No bare wires/no loose sockets
  14. Exits are clearly marked
  15. Emergency phone numbers posted by phones
  16. Chemicals and cleaning products stored away from food and/or food related items
  17. Local fire codes are followed
  18. Carpets are in good repair

Business Insurance


Whether you are an established business looking for the best rates for your company's business insurance or have just launched a new business, W.A. George Insurance Agency can help you find the absolute best business insurance solution available. With over 100 A-rated carriers to choose from, rest assured that we will find you the protection you need at the best price available. Start saving on your business insurance today!

What Business Insurance do I need?

The answer depends on your particular business. Once we gather the appropriate information, the professionals at W.A. George Insurance will leverage our experience and resources to put together the right insurance solution for your company.

Commercial customers generally require some or all of the
following types of insurance coverage:

Commercial Property Coverage – covers the assets and property of your business…and if you own the property, can cover the building itself.

Commercial General Liability – You’d be horrified if an accident occurred on your premises and even more upset if anyone was hurt and you weren’t insured. Protect yourself from this kind of eventuality or from an accident resulting from the actions of an employee with commercial general liability insurance. This type of policy also covers damages that might occur to the property of others.

Business Automotive Coverage – Make sure any vehicles used in the course of your business are covered by a comprehensive business automotive policy. Just as you protect your personal car and yourself with consumer automotive coverage, it’s important to carry liability, medical and bodily injury coverage for your business vehicles.  Hint: Be sure to cover your business for uninsured and underinsured drivers with your commercial automotive policy as well!

Worker’s Compensation Coverage – If an employee is hurt on the job, you’ll use worker’s compensation insurance to cover their medical bills and part of their salary. In most states it’s required, so it’s not something you can afford to overlook. Hint: Illinois requires this coverage.

Key Person Insurance – If your business relies heavily on the knowledge and talents of a few key individuals consider taking out Key-Person Insurance. In cases where your essential human resources die or become disabled, this kind of policy can help the business remain viable until another suitable candidate can be found.

Commercial Excess Liability – High jury awards may sound nice if you’re the one getting the money but if you’re the one paying out, this could mean the death of your business. This kind of supplemental policy covers liability over and above the amount covered in the standard commercial general liability policy, protecting your business from liability for accidents that could be attributed to negligence – even if that negligence takes place at the hands of one of your employees.

Religious Organization Insurance – Coverage for a religious organization is critical maintaining and organizations ability to function. Coverage for General Liability, Professional Liability, Abuse and Automobiles are some of the areas of coverage these policies include. Who should consider reviewing their Business Coverage? Quite possibly, YOU. If you haven’t recently reviewed your commercial insurance coverage, you may need to reassess your risk and look into lowering your overall insurance costs. W.A. George Insurance can help…

Commercial Risk Assessment – Not sure how much coverage you need to meet the minimum requirements and protect yourself and your business from risk?

Who should consider reviewing their Business Coverage?Business-Insurance

Quite possibly, YOU. If you haven’t recently reviewed your commercial insurance coverage, you may need to reassess your risk and look into lowering your overall insurance costs. W.A. George Insurance of Chicago, Illinois can help…

Commercial Risk Assessment – Not sure how much coverage you need to meet the minimum requirements and protect yourself and your business from risk?

Builders Risk Insurance

What is Builders Risk Insurance?

Builders-Risk-InsuranceCoverage is provided for materials, supplies, machinery, equipment, fixtures designed to be a permanent part of the fabrication, erection, installation, alterations , or completion of the project while at the project site, as well as in transit, or at any temporary location.

Builders risk insurance is a form of property insurance that covers property owners and builders for projects under construction, renovation or repair. This insurance is similar to Building and Personal Property coverage; the difference being, this coverage is used to cover buildings during the course of construction.

Builders risk provides coverage on an all risk basis, including theft and vandalism, for accidental losses, damage, or destruction of property for which the insured has insurable interest. This property can include an entire building or other structure in the course of construction including the building supplies and materials at the job site to be used in the project. The contractor can be named as an additional insured if requested. The contractor’s equipment and tools are not covered and should be specially insured by the contractor.

Builders risk policies do not cover losses occurring before construction begins or after completion of construction. Construction must be in progress for coverage to exist.

The limit of insurance may equal the full value of the project. Where only a limited percentage of the full project may be exposed to a single loss, coverage may be available for loss limit.

When the project is finished, an appraisal is conducted to update any changes.

Optional coverage can be requested to include “soft cost” not directly related to construction (financial costs, additional interest expenses, leasing and marketing expenses, legal and accounting expenses and miscellaneous carrying cost); delayed opening loss of income, should a delay in completion result in loss revenue. Flood and quake coverage’s are also available upon request.

If your organization will be engaged in any construction related activities please contact W. A. George Insurance Agency in Chicago, Il for details on obtaining builders risk coverage.

Financial Insurance